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In our modern day world, focus is paramount to getting things done.

Every interruption introduces context switching, which makes productivity suffer.

Thus, it can be good to embrace asynchronous communication and respect others' time.

Consider the following two situations...

Situation #1: Communication That Could Be Improved

Here's the situation...

Situation #1 Image

...so what's wrong with it?

And what if they're too busy to help you right now? Will you wait for an hour until their schedule frees up for that call?

Once or twice a day may not be too bad, but what if there's lots of people with lots of problems?

Situation #2: Quicker And More Useful Communication

Here's the alternative...

Situation #1 Image

...so how is it better?

Now, the other person doesn't need to feel frustrated, pausing their work, to wait for you to explain the situation.

Furthermore, if they're out at the moment (or in a different time zone), they can just get back to you with the full answer later.

In summary

You can make communication more useful and less frustrating with relatively little effort.

This could cut down on the amount of context switching that you or others need to do.

Not every question needs a call, not every answer needs to be preceded by lots of back and forth.

Of course, sometimes you do just need a meeting or a call and that is also okay.

Better yet, write down information about how problems were solved in the past.

Good luck!

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